Residential Construction Management

Residential construction management is a specialized form of project management that is responsible for all the moving parts of a fine home renovation project. It involves taking the lead and managing what is needed to prepare for as well as manage a home renovation.

Transcend Construction provides residential construction management as a service in the form of Project Management, which is often combined with additional construction management services such as Pre-construction and Post-construction, all depending on the level and timing of engagement on a particular project.

A Project Manager essentially coordinates a construction project and oversees its progress on behalf of the homeowner. Project managers work alongside the general contractor, direct the entire project from start to finish, and regularly communicate with owners and/or owner’s representatives about any issues. Along with the owner’s representative, project managers also ensure that construction projects stay on time and on budget. Both roles keep things moving and keep the project’s owner in the loop.

When a Project Manager is also tasked with Pre-construction, they are responsible for all the work needed to prepare a project for the start of a renovation, thus a pre-curser to construction. In this capacity they will analyze, scope, design, plan, estimate, budget, and form the team for a home renovation project that will be founded on sound construction means and methods, and quality workmanship. Post-construction is management of the work that begins at the end of construction, such as documentation, warranties, lien releases, punch list, equipment usability, clean up and move-in.

Residential construction management is more important than ever.

Between labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, even simple construction projects are surprisingly complicated. As with other areas of construction project management, residential construction management is a professional service that provides a homeowner with effective management of the project's schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function, and extends beyond into collaboration with many professional services providers such as designers, engineers, and architects, just to name a few.

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