Your Part

Your Part In A Successful Project

Know Thyself

You need to understand what you want and what it will take to deliver it. The more specific you are will allow us to provide a better estimate.

We understand that many clients will need our feedback before they can provide the needed specificity. If you have difficulty expressing your requirements, we can establish a small contract with you and develop a set of requirements for you with your participation.

Express Your Vision

You are going to live with the result of your project for many years to come. You want to enjoy it. Now is the time to think about it, discuss it with your spouse or significant other and get an expression of yourself and your taste. See “Know Your Budget” next.

Know Your Budget

Money is the root of much angst. You know what you can afford, endeavor to accept and work with it.

Remember our estimate generally does not include the non-generic items. Therefore, if our estimate is close to your budget and does not include these items, we are already over budget. You need to know what the non-generic items will cost you and evaluate our estimate accordingly.

Before you accept our estimate, select and price all of your finish paint, cabinetry, appliances, kitchen and bath fixtures, chandeliers, fancy face plates, etc. Add their total cost to our estimate. Remember, unless otherwise specified, our labor estimate is based on standard types. If you choose a specialty designer tub after the project has begun, we may have to revise our labor estimate.

Shop around on the web and at home improvement dealers, you may find a standard item that is very close to the specialty item you have your heart set on. If you want, we can assist you with this.

Living With Your Project

Many people will be living in their home while the project is executed.

If you will be living with the project, while it is in progress, you will have to adapt. You may have to pack and store things. Furniture will be moved about.  We will endeavor to leave the site broom clean at the end of each work day.

If you have one bath and we are gut renovating it, you will probably have to spend a few days elsewhere.

If your home is being gut renovated, you will have to live elsewhere for some time. When possible, we will endeavor to sequence the project so you can move back before completion.

Please read about our part in a successful project, and about us together in a successful project and then please Contact us for your project.