Our Part

Our Part In A Successful Project

Understanding You

We are responsible for understanding you and your project. We will endeavor to learn your tastes as related to the project and the details of what you want done.

Good Estimates

In order for you to make decisions and for us to deliver your vision good estimates are essential.

Our estimates include all management, labor and generic materials. Generic materials include items such as sheetrock, spackle, primer paint, standard ceiling paint, structural lumber, nails, etc.

Our estimates do NOT include non-generic items such as finish paint, cabinetry, appliances, kitchen and bath fixtures, chandeliers, etc. unless explicitly specified by the customer to be included.

Please see “Management” below.

Skills & Experience

Our employees are skilled, experienced and motivated to do good work.  Our managers will ensure that we assign a team to your project that has the required skills and experience.  This includes sub-contractors.


The level of management involvement in a particular project will affect the estimate. Good management is not free. Good management is cost effective.

The team assigned to your project will have an experienced team leader. There will be a foreman assigned.

The time the foreman will spend onsite will depend on the complexity and uniqueness of the project. This can range from once or twice a day to full time onsite. It is not unusual during a multi week project for the foreman to be onsite full time for some phases and once a day for others.

Large and some complex projects will have a project manager assigned.

Please read about your part in a successful project and read about us together in a successful project and then  contact us for your project.